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This morning a coworker, Dusty, brought in some donuts for breakfast. Dang it, Dusty! Needless to say it was hard to resist the beautifully sugar glazed gems. I caved and had one and a half. I took two, one plain and one chocolate glazed. A weight loss book I’ve been reading said that the first two bites of any food is the tastiest, so if you must have a food that’s not good for you just eat two bites and get rid of the rest. So, I took my two bites of my chocolate donut. Unfortunately, my two bites ended up being 1/2 of the donut! lol…I threw the rest away then later caved in and ate the plain donut. I guess someone else in the building decided they wanted to watch their weight so they only took 1/2 of the donut. Yes, they literally tore the donut in half and left the other half in the box for someone else. Who? I dunno. I’m not quite sure who would come along and pick up the other half and pop it in their mouth. I guess I’m not the only one that feels this way because someone put a sticky note that was meant to admonish the guilty person.

LOL….I love it!


The Pear Run 5K 2009


Michelle talked me into signing up for the Pear Run this year. The run was on May 9th, Father’s Day, at 7 AM. Since my Dad was in North Carolina, I didn’t have many plans for that day, so I figured “why not?”. Thankfully, Mike came with me. I’m not very familiar with Pearland, so I was glad he was driving. Just as with any other race, I was getting quite nervous as everyone was lining up. The course started at Independence Park and wound through a subdivision. I didn’t have a chip this time because I signed up as a walker instead of a runner.

The shirts were really cute! I love the little running pear.

This was me as we started off the walk. I was feeling really good and enjoyed watching the different runners cross the streets ahead of me. There were several people standing outside of their houses. Some cheered us on, most looked at us like we were crazy. Nothing quite like running in a subdivision for gawking eyes!

Me at the end of the run. Mike’s shirt is darker because he was sweating up a storm! I don’t remember my exact time. I wish I would have written it down somewhere. But, I think I finished around 50 minutes.

Such a handsome and ticked off man! He hates having his photos taken and it looks like this photographer was right at his face. Mike finished at 21 minutes and 45 seconds. He consistant with his times!

I have pictures of Michelle and Jesse from this race, but I won’t post them because I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want me to! But, I will post their times. Michelle finished in 32:08 and Jesse finished in 36:53. Good job guys!

Muddy Trails 2009


At 4:00 PM on April 4, 2009 I was prepared to take on the challenge of the Muddy Trails race again. I knew how bad the last one turned out so I decided I wasn’t going to push myself too hard and walk it at a steady pace. This year a friend from work joined us with her hubby. Michelle and Jesse got there just as the race was about to start. I got to say “hi” and “good luck” then we were off!

They had changed the course from the year before. The trail was drier, as we hadn’t had too much rain. To my relief, they had cut the big hill from the course as well. My goals this time were 1) to finish faster than last year and 2) not to be last. Several people passed me as the race went on, but I was able to keep up a pretty good pace. Mike came back again this year and found me a little before the 3 mile marker. He was impressed at how far I was this time. Thankfully, the smell of the crawfish wasn’t overpowering this year. Maybe they didn’t even have it, but I didn’t smell it so I was happy!

I completed the race with a chip time of 51 minutes and 52 seconds, which was 6 1/2 minutes faster than last year! I was also number 293 out of 298 participants. I WASN’T LAST!! I even improved my pace to 16:44/M.

I even passed a lady at the very end!

Mike finished this year’s race in 22 minutes and 14 seconds, which was a 1.75 minute improvement from last year. He also finished 43rd out of 298. His pace increased to 7:10/M. I’m very proud of him!

He was throwing up gang symbols as he crossed the finished line…that’s my Hubby!

Next year the race is on April 3rd. Mike and I are signing up again. I believe Michelle is, but I’m not sure about Jesse. My cousin Kelly is also going to join us. That happens to be her birthday, so I hope she does well!

Muddy Trails 2008


My first 5K was the Muddy Trails 5K in the Woodlands on April 5, 2008. My Dear Hubby signed up with me so we were both pumped and ready to go. Then Saturday got here and we were on our way to the Woodlands. The race winds through the George Mitchell Nature Preserve, which is about 1800 acres of trees.  I was starting to get nervous as we turned into the parking lot and started walking toward the check in area. Once we reached check in, Mike and I got our chips (to keep time with), tied them to our shoes, then found a place at the back of the line. My stomach was in knots as we were waiting for the national anthem to be over and the starting gun to sound. I literally thought I was going to be sick.

*BOOM* the gun sounded and off went the masses. Mike gave me a kiss for good luck then took off after them. Slowly I began my run, which is more of a job if you can call it that. Yeah, I was runnin’ (as Forrest would say). I started thinking, “Hey this isn’t so bad. At least I’m not last!” I had two goals for this race 1) to finish under an hour and 2) not to be last. That was it.

There were kids placed throughout the trail, some adults as well, cheering you on. Every once in a while they had watering holes you could stop at if need be. I was sailing through this race, no way was this going to take an hour! Ah…but pride cometh before the fall. Around the quarter mile, maybe half mile mark my shin splints came on full force. I started walking, stretched a little bit, then tried to run again. Nope…they weren’t having it. So, I walked the rest of the race. I had told Mike not to come back and get me when he was done. Which I was glad of! The last thing I wanted was him to see me doing so poorly. Slowly but surely I was being passed. I looked behind me and to my disappointment I saw the bike rider. The bike rider is a guy that follows the last racer so everyone knows when the race is finished. That was me…the last racer. Goal #2 not met.

About this time I was feeling pretty down on myself. I had run for weeks before the race and figured I’d be able to run the whole thing. The biggest problem was probably the difference between running on a treadmill (or road) and running the Muddy Trails course which was sandy or pine needles. I was ready to just cut through the trees and get back to the end. I just wanted it to be done. Then, I see Mike running around the corner toward me around mile 2.

I started crying. I was pissed because he came back and saw how pathetic my attempt was, but I was thankful because he was there for me. He walked with me for the rest of the race.

This is Mike trying to make me smile for the photographer at the top of the BIG hill.

I love his smile here! He was being a turkey about posing for the camera. The camera guy used up the rest of his film on me I think. He took about 5 or 6 at this point.

Once we came down the what seemed the biggest hill in Texas, I could see the finish line. At the finish line, there was a huge clock showing the time that had passed since the gun was shot. It was yelling at me “57 Minutes…only 3 left…move it.” So, I took off running (hobbling) again trying to finish before the clock hit 60 minutes.

Unfortunately, my left leg was really burning so my finish line picture was less than flattering.

I crossed the line as the big clock clicked to 58 minutes and 57 seconds. According to the chip, I finished in 58 minutes and 28 seconds. So, goal #1 was accomplished. I came in 224th out of 224 participants with a total pace of 18:44/M. Once I crossed that finish line I was so happy to be done. They had a crawfish cookout for after the race and the smell was horrible. It made me almost sick to my stomach when the smell first hit me. My sense of smell seems to be heightened when I’m physically tired. Besides, who eats crawfish for breakfast?

Mike finished the race in 24 minutes and 35 seconds. Woohoo! He was 44th out of 224 and had a pace of 7:52/M.

Mike finishing the first time.

Mike smiling as he finished the second time with me.

One Little Word


I popped onto my Google reader this morning to check out my bazillion blogs I look through and saw a posting by Calli on her blog “Make it Do“. Ali Edwards was her inspiration last year to get her “doing” going, if that makes any sense!

After reading both of the blogs above, I sat down and thought about it. What word would be my word for this year? I’ve always had what my husband calls my “watch word”, which is persevere. This is as true today as it was yesterday. However, it was more fitting for my time in school when I was just trying to get through the whole thesis writing obstacle course for my masters degree. There were many times I was ready to throw in the towel and quit. I’m not a quitter by nature. (Which is obvious in how loyal I’ve been to my chocolate! hahaha…gotta love diets.) I am normally able to set a goal and stick with it through the end. My masters degree was proving to be an extreme mental challenge and the obstacles I faced almost did me in. But, I persevered. My husband reminded me over and over of my watch word, and I truly believe that helped. So, in a way my husband chose my word for those two 1/2 years.

This year, I need to a new “watch word” to reflect the person I want to become in 2010. So, here it is: Transformation.

Not only do I want to transform my attitude (which has been kinda crappy lately) but I am on a track to transform my lifestyle. I’m starting to make healthier choices for food and spirit. It’s time I treated my body with love and respect.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope as the year 2010 goes on you will start to notice the changes I’m making in myself!