New Beginnings


It’s the start of a new year, which just lends itself to the start of an exercise/diet program. If you’re like me, this is a normal routine. Although, I tend to start a couple of times throughout the year. This is the year I need to get my head in order. No one can make the change in my life but me. That’s it…no one else can push a button to make me comply with a healthy eating plan. It’s all me…me…me…me…*sigh*.

So, since this is my journey, let’s begin! I made an agreement with a friend at work that I will cut out artificial sweeteners this year. So far, 3 days into the new year, I’ve kept up with that. The hardest one to kick would be diet coke, but I haven’t had a diet coke since I quit them back in April. I think I’m starting at a pretty good place. Poor Michelle has to kick the sauce…don’t envy her that at all!

I’m signing up for two races this year. #1) The Spring Fever 5K in March and #2) The Muddy Trails 5K in April. I’m also pairing up with my cousin Kelly and signing up for the Woodlands Fit that starts in June or July and ends 1/11 with a 1/2 marathon. Whew!

As for eating, I definitely need to make better choices. It’s been way to easy to eat what I want instead of what I should. I should eat for fuel, not happiness. Now, the trick is finding some other way of getting the happiness that food brings me. I enjoy sewing/quilting, so I guess whenever I feel the urge to snack I ought to go in my sewing room and play.

Things I want to change: The sick feeling I get when I eat fatty/rich foods, getting winded when walking a short distance, being unfit, looking like Ms. Staypuff, not being happy with how I look in any pictures or clothes, seeing myself one way in my head then looking in the mirror and seeing that I was sadly mistaken, I want to run with Mike one day a week at a park, being able to sit in a seat on a plan and not be worried if I’m going to have to ask for a seat belt extension, I want to enjoy hiking areas in North Carolina, I want to live a long healthy life without dementia (eating healthy helps), I’d like to buy clothes off the rack and not worry about them not fitting, going to a beach or pool and wearing a swimsuit without embarrassment.

Who I’m doing this for: Myself, My husband, My family.


Whatcha Think?

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