I’ve been using the LoseIt! application for the iphone. It’s been quite handy to log my food and exercise (when I do it!) and then be able to get the daily report and weekly summary. I will probably never write a food log again. One of the nicer features is the “friends” section. I’m able to add people that have the same goals as me and see how they’re doing.

I’ve already met several people that are quite nice and excited about losing weight. I’m hoping that this year will be a good year for me. I feel I’m approaching my weight loss differently this time. I’m trying to look at the fact that I have 70 lbs to lose, but that I have 2 sets of 35 lbs to lose! It makes it seem more obtainable. My first goal is to get below 200 by March 20th so I can surprise my parents…I’ll keep you posted!


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