Tammy's Results for 1/7


A few months ago three other coworkers and myself started a blog to track our calories and exercises. We all did alright keeping up with it for a couple of weeks, but after the second week two of my coworkers had stopped. For the past month it’s just been Michelle and I posting. We both have personal workout blogs so it didn’t make any sense double posting. So, we disbanded the group blog site and I will be recording everything here. So, here we go.

Cals: 1240, I ate an extra 140 calories just for you Michelle!
Workout: 30 mins running/marching, supposedly burned 444 cals according to my mio hr monitor

Today was alright. I got some things done and some other things I couldn’t figure out. My calories were quite good today. I feel like I forgot to log something but on looking at it, it’s all there.

My dogs are making my allergies go nuts right now. I hate rapid sneezing. It just doesn’t give me a chance to catch my breath in between sneezes!

It’s already 31 degrees here! Gonna be a cooooold night!


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