Tammy's Results for 1/11/10


A friend of mine called today Jeep day because the date looks like the front end of a Jeep. 011110 Just thought I’d share that! Maybe Mike and I should have taken his Jeep to work in recognition of the day! hahaha

Today was alright. My calories weren’t horrible.

Cals: 1799, I try to stay around 1700, so I was only 100 off.

Workout: 30 mins walking/running, 418 cals burned

I worked out while watching the new house. I don’t remember the name of the actor, but the guy that was playing the drug dealer is so adorable. I remember seeing him first in Empire Records. It’s always nice to have something to watch while I’m walking/running in one spot. It takes away a bit of the monotony. Work went pretty good. It was a busy day as far as help tickets went, but that means we’re getting busier! Yeehaw!


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