My husband got a Throwback Pepsi, or Pepsi Throwback, today at lunch. He like it, so did several of the other people here at the office.

This version of Pepsi is made with Sugar and NO High Fructose Corn Syrup! Maybe that’s why it doesn’t coat the mouth or leave a bad after taste!


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  1. I’m able to get Coca Cola made in Mexico where I live (a miracle considering where I live) and it’s made with sugar, too. I haven’t had one in quite awhile since I cut back on refined sugars and they have so much sugar but they sure are good.

    • I haven’t had a soda since last April. My coworkers came in my office and said “You’ve gotta try this”. I freaked out! What did I say? “I haven’t had a coke since April.” They just looked at me with blank stares. So I ammended “If I drink that now I will want more and I’m not ready for that. So I’m going to pass.” So, I didn’t try it, but everyone else said it was good and better than the current sodas around. Sugar is better than high fructose corn syrup!

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