I weighed myself this morning just to see what was going on. Normally I like to weigh myself everyday, but after getting several days of 225.4 I decided not to look at the scale for a little bit. So, this morning I saw the scale and that “Why not”. To my surprise and satisfaction is said 223.3!! Excellent!

Yesterday my calorie count was spot on. I only had around 1535 cals. It was a little hard to track my lunch calories because we went to Souper Salad, but I think I came close. I also got in about 20 minutes worth of exercise and burned about 218 calories. So, all in all I think yesterday was a good day!

It seems my dog Ellie hasn’t been getting enough plastic in her diet lately. While we were at work, she decided to chew off the end of this screw driver and go to town. I don’t think she ate any of it…and I hope she didn’t crack a tooth!


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