Another Pretty Good Day!


Today was a good day. I finished my calories at 1332 and wasn’t really that hungry throughout the day. I didn’t get a workout in because it was a rest day. I’m thinkin’ I need to dig out my resistance bands (If I can find them) and my dumbells and start doing some strength training on my off days. I was brushing my hair this morning when my arms caught my eye. I wiggled them and almost got air lift. I’ve always had larger arms, but it’s obvious they’re getting flabbier and looser. So, I need to start toning back up!

How’s everyone else doing?


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  1. Tammy, this made me laugh. I so relate to this! I gained so much weight in my arms and legs over the past several years and now that I’m losing weight, everything is getting so flabby. It’s going to be awhile before I can get to the point of not being on the verge to take flight but I am getting there and at least I am losing inches on my arms and legs. 😀

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