Lunch of the gods…


I brought my chicken and rice yesterday for lunch, but when lunch time rolled around I wasn’t really in the mood for it. I knew I’d be eating it for lunch, so I decided to go to Panera bread with my office mate Christa. Normally I get either the potatoe soup or the cream of chicken and wild rice. Today however, I decided to live on the edge and ordered their black bean soup. OMG…It was extremely tasty!

I bought this new iphone app called “ShakeitPhoto” that takes either an existing picture or a new picture and turns it into a polaroid. I think I’m hooked. It makes everything look really neat…somewhat stylized.

Like my pooch Ruby, AKA Rooster, Blunderbus, Rue, Rubyque, and Little Shit.

Or Codeman’s Saints Jersey…it all looks much more interesting through this program.

Anyway….my eating was pretty good yesterday. I had about a 500 calorie deficit! Yeehaw…I weighed myself today and I was around 222 (222.3 or something like that, can’t remember exactly). So, I guess it wasn’t all the salt’s fault. I need to start getting control over my weekends…next goal.

How was your Tuesday?!


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