Candy and Iron


Today is Mike and my 6th anniversary. The traditional gifts are…you guessed it, candy and iron! We celebrated Saturday evening. First, we stopped by Goose’s Acre for a lovely dinner!

Goose’s Acre is an old Irish pub that’s entire interior was shipped to the Woodlands and set back up in the new location. The old wood floor, bar, and decorations are fantastic.

I love the saying here...hits home.

We parked at the parking garage in Town Market Center and walked to the restaurant. It was a little chilly!

Such a handsome man!

Mike calls this the "action pose"...don't ask!

While we waited for our food, Mike decided to try what they call the “American Tour” of beer. It consists of 5 4 ounce glasses of different beers made in the US. One is made in Houston (Saint Arnold’s) and one was made in Conroe (Goose Blonde Ale). The others were from California and other states I can’t remember. All together it makes up a little over a normal glass of beer (16 oz is normal).

Mike ordered the Shepherd’s Pie:

I ordered the Angus Burger. I was not going to be concerned with calories that night.

After dinner we ordered a Shiner Bock Ice Cream Brownie Sundae:


After dinner we walked back to The Woodlands Town Market and watched Crazy Heart. The movie theater was so packed we had to sit on the second row. Yes…right AT the screen. It took a while for my eyes to adjust, but once they did it wasn’t too bad. Then we went to Cru, a wine bar, and had a glass of wine with three different cheeses and fruits. After that little pit stop, we looked around Sur La Table at the fun kitchen tools.

We headed back home, since we couldn’t get a baby sitter for the fur children. At home we popped open a bottle of Asti Spumanti. The cork flew all the way across the kitchen and living room to hit the window on the other side! Mike enjoy that quite a bit.

It was a fantastic anniversary celebration. I know you shouldn’t use food to celebrate anything but I think it’s ok as long as it’s not used as a reward and used far and in between. I have no guilt over my meal. However, it’s time to get the sugar out of my system after that yummy brownie!

Today we went for a drive around some back roads. We brought the dogs with us. I think they enjoyed it. They both seem quite tired now!

In other news, the Woodlands Fit starts THIS WEDNESDAY…eeek….I didn’t think it started until June/July so I am not prepared! I have a meeting and registration this wednesday, so I’ll find out more then. They meet twice a week. I can make Saturday mornings no problem, but I’m not sure when they’re going to meet during the week. I don’t know if I can make it if they meet before 7. Then again, I can possibly get Mike to leave a little early on those days, whichever they are.


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  1. Shouldn’t use food to celebrate anything?! Hush your mouth! 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed your anniversary. I love nicely done pub food and I enjoy an occasional ale, too. We have a pet sitter for our fur kids that we hire for trips away from home. I always apologize for my animals ahead of time when the girl shows up because I have the worst pets ever. My cats are thieves, they even steal from my jewelry boxes and my dogs are just as bad. *sigh*

    • My dogs are crazy…their being bad is just a side effect of their mental condition! Maybe your cats will see the light one day and stop stealing!

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