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Sunny Saturday


Today was my 4th week of Fit Club. We met at a new park this week, so the trail was a nice change. We basically ran on a greenbelt trail in the Woodlands. I didn’t know that park was there, so now I have a new place I can go to workout when I want to get some fresh air!

I found out that my coach, Liz, is from Katrineholm Sweden which is where my Grandfather (and still some of my family) lived. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were related in some way, or if my family knows her family. Katrineholm isn’t that big!

I was able to get some running in today. Interestingly, my walking speed was almost as fast as our slowest runner…that made me feel better! I only finished a couple of minutes behind most of the group and about 30 seconds behind Clara (the last runner). My shin splints came back for a little while, but after walking for a bit they seemed to work themselves out. We went through a couple of areas that were like¬†land mines…there were a ton of Sweetgum Balls, or pods…whatever they’re called:

If you’re not careful and hit these balls just right, your foot rolls and you could possibly bust your butt! We also had to watch out for some doggy doo that irresponsible pet owners left behind. After our walk/run, we did about 25 minutes of yoga. It always seems the yoga is harder than the run, but it seemed a little easier today. My body was still shaking when I tried to do the side plank. It just doesn’t like that move! That’s ok though, because one of these days I’ll be able to do it without shaking.

After my workout, I went home and showered up. Then I went over to the Woodlands’ Waterway to meet my friend Jackie for lunch at Which Wich. While I was there I decided to see what this Hubbell and Hudson was all about:

This place was very nice! It has two stories. The first floor has all sorts of food, including an olive bar, deli area, bakery, and coffee bar. Of course, they had a candy department too that was just tasty to look at!

No, I didn’t buy any candy. However, I did find my favorite tea! HEB used to carry it, but they stopped carrying it a while back. Now I know where to find it again!

They have a grocery area with all sorts of organic foods (they even have free range eggs!) and foods from different countries. My husband was trying to find some vintage pin up girls for a program he was writing a while back (thankfully our Boss nipped that in the bud!) and when I saw these drinks I had to take a picture for him!

In the tea/coffee area they had these “sugar sticks” to sweeten your drinks with:

We called this rock candy as a kid! I think this is just a way to make it ok for adults to have them without feeling bad…lol.

They have a restaurant on the bottom floor as well. I didn’t go in so I’m not sure what food they serve, but I’m sure it’s cheap! Right….

The second floor has a cooking school and an area where you can sit and eat sandwiches or any other food you buy there. All in all, it was a very cool place!

I had a great day! My workout was good, I got off with a warning for speeding (yeah, I know), got to see my friend I hadn’t seen in a while, and found a cool new store!

OH and…I’m getting a Garmin F60 on Thursday when I go back to Luke’s for Fit Club…very excited about that! I have been using my nike+ to track my mileage but I think it’s off. They didn’t have any female watches left, so they ordered one from another store. Thankfully they were able to find a black one. It was either that or bright pink!


Thursday Fit Day


Today was a training day at work. The guy looked a lot like Garth from Wayne’s World and was a little odd. He was stressing me out as we got to the end of the day. Tomorrow will be my last day with him. He’s not a bad guy, just got under my skin.

Since it’s Thursday, it was a fit class day. I tried to run again today, but didn’t get that far. I walked the rest of the way. I’ll be happy when I can actually start getting some running in again. Am I just being a wuss? I don’t think so. I feel like I’m pushing myself. My legs are a bit sore right now from my walk. It was a good walk, all in all. It was a little slower pace than I have been doing but part of that was because I started getting shin splints about 1/2 way through. After walking a bit more, they went away and I could pick the speed back up but the damage was already done.

On another note, I have been in 2nd place on my Nike+ challenge for the past week…well, not after tonight! I’m back in 1st place. I’m a whole 5 100ths of a mile ahead! LOL

My cousin wasn’t at the fit class tonight and she didn’t workout on Tuesday. Hopefully she’s feeling alright. I hope to see her back on Saturday!

Wednesday Weigh In


Well, I weighed in a pound up today. Part of the problem was the fact that I had bought some Easter candy to send to my cousins in Sweden, but some of it found it’s way in my mouth. *sigh* I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Monday and Tuesday’s workouts went well. Yesterdays was going pretty good until some guy got on the treadmill next to be and kept burping up his lunch…sausage sandwich perhaps? It was quite disgusting. When I’m tired and hot my sense of smell seems to be amplified, so it was starting to make my stomach curl. Thankfully, I only had about 5 minutes left with Stinky Pete. I’m still not up to running. My lungs still feel heavy, but they’re clearer than they have been. I think probably by next week I can start running some again.

I need to sign up for Muddy Trails 5K. My hope is to be able to run some of it. I don’t have a definite distance, but I want to be able to run some of it without getting wiped out and walking slower than I need to. This will be my third year to do this race. If you would have told me that I would become a regular participant of 5Ks, I would have laughed at you. Mind you, I don’t run them…but I have done 3 in the last 2 years…I think that’s a big accomplishment for someone who hates exercise!

Now, if I could kick the sugar…dang Easter candy…

Saturday Morning Workout


Today was my second Saturday at the Fit Club. It went really well. I didn’t run since I’m still having congestion issues, but I got a really good walk in. I took some tylenol before the yoga segment and thankfully it worked because I didn’t have a headache of any sort. Yoga went pretty good. My legs were a little shaky on the sideways plank, but otherwise it wasn’t too bad. After yoga we had a “class” on getting fit for running shoes. It was a little bit of a waste of time because all he did was explain what they would do if you came in to be fitted…well, I already did it so I knew what to expect. Kelly and I went to Starbucks afterward and grabbed something to drink. Then it was time to head home.

I got home and Mike asked me if I got my card. “What card?”

“I put it on your car….yep it’s still there. I can’t believe you drove all the way home with that.”

Sure enough, he had left a card under my windsheild wipers for me to find after my workout. It had an old toothless on the front that said “Well butter my butt and call me bisuit” then inside it said “I’m impressed.” He left it for me to say he was proud of me for sticking with this program. Ahhh…Have I told you how much I love my husband?! He’s such a great guy. I just wish I would have seen it and he didn’t have to point it out. I’m sure that took part of the enjoyment away from him.

Dad’s flight has already been delayed an hour because of mechanical problems, so he’ll be in at 4 instead of 3 now. It doesn’t matter though, I’m still looking forward to seeing him!

Thursday's Fit Club


Yesterday was the first time I went to our Thursday Fit Club meetings. I knew it would be rough for me, but I thought it was important I at least go to these meetings if I’m not going to run the whole thing. We started off and I was having a little bit of a rough time breathing (still congested…dang lungs). I did the first run, then decided I’d walk the whole thing. Thankfully, Irma was also walking. I just met her last night. She’s a funny older lady (Retired teacher) who was interesting to listen to. Since I was having some breathing issues it was mainly a one sided conversation, but I didn’t mind too much. She was telling me about some books she had read, but couldn’t remember the name to. Then she told me about “The Geography of Bliss”, which is written by Eric Weiner who is a reporter for NPR…or used to be not sure which. She said he traveled the globe getting different culture’s definition of happiness. The book is supposed to be enlightening and somewhat funny. I may add that to my list of books to read.

I was the last one back to our group for stretches. I was doing ok until the lunge where you had to put your feet on the ground. As soon as my head dipped down I got a huge headache. I’m guessing it’s probably just all of the pressure from the congestion. It lasted for over 45 minutes until I could get home and get some drugs! I can’t wait for this crap to go away. My cousin, Kelly, did an excellent job. She’s already¬†shaved over a minute off of her mile pace. There are two 5K groups. The A group (my group) did the 1 min run 1 min walk while the B group did 3 mins run 1 min walk. Well, last night they put both of those groups together. Every single one of the B group did the A groups workout, except for Kelly. She pushed herself to do the B group workout. I was proud of her!

Today is a rest day, then tomorrow we meet up again at the store. We’re walking around the lake this time! I’m excited about that. It’s nice to change up the scenery! After that workout, I’m picking my Dad up from the airport. I’m so happy to be able to see him again. I don’t like seeing them just twice a year. I talk to them quite a bit, but it’s not the same…you can’t get hugs over a phone!

Have a great Friday y’all!!

High Blood Pressure?


Today was my first day back in gym after a week off. I still have a cough but figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to get back out there and start again. I was doing ok, but after my 3rd round of running my ears felt like they were closing off (sounds got muffled) and I felt pressure building in my head. After that I had a massive headache. So, I’m wondering why…was it just because I’m still somewhat congested or is it a sign of high blood pressure? I’ve tested my blood pressure several times before and it’s always been in a good range, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t increasing when I exercise. I decided to walk the rest of the workout. I didn’t want to risk passing out while at the gym…not a good idea!

On a good note, I got 1.7 miles in which means I’m still in 1st place right now for my Nike+ challenge! Even after a week off…guess it’s a good thing my cousins took a week off too!

OH…and I’ve changed my official weigh in day to Wednesdays. I tend to eat a lot of salt on the weekends, so this will give me a chance to flush that out of my system.

Feeling better…thank goodness


After sleeping, as much as possible, and a gallon of orange juice I think I’m finally kicking this crap. I don’t know what it was, I only know that I don’t want it again. My Dad has the same stuff and has been battling it for 3 weeks, so I guess I’m lucky I only had to deal with it for a little less than a week.

I’m still not sure if I should do my workout or not, but I think I’m going to try to when I get home this afternoon. If I start getting too coughy, I’ll stop. However, it’s been a week since I’ve worked out and it’s going to hurt! This week our workout goes from running a minute and walking two minutes to running a minute and walking a minute. We’re supposed to do that 13 times. I have a hard time keeping track of how many rotations I’ve done, but thankfully I found my counter and will use it! It’s supposed to be a way to track calories and water in take, but since I’ve been using LoseIt! I haven’t had a need for it…until now!

My official weigh in was today. I’m down to 218.6…it’s going down and I’m happy! I’m not going to make my goal of under 200 by March 20th, but I should be able to get down to 210, I think. The weekends are what have been killing me, so I just need to make an extra effort not to “forget” myself on the weekends. My first 5K is April 3rd, so I have to make sure I stay on track during my vacation (3/20) because the next weekend after I get back is the race! Mike is going to try the 10K this year…I’m happy sticking with the 5K for now!

I went through my LoseIt! application and deleted several people who have either not been keeping up with their entries or have no responded to emails. I was part of a group on windows live, but people stopped showing up there. So…I dropped it too. I’m cleaning house! Sasha, I’m glad to see that you are still keeping up with your blog and reaching milestones!! It’s very exciting to see…and motivating!