Fit Day #1


Today was the first Saturday with the Woodlands’ Fit. We all met at the store at 7 AM to chat a little bit (no class today) before starting our run.

 We walked over to the waterway and that’s where they broke us up into groups. I was put in Group A for the 5K, which is the slowest group! We ran 1 minute and walked 2. We did this 7 times, which turned out to be 2 miles. Then we did 20 minutes of Yoga and strength training. Thankfully I wasn’t last to cross the finish line! I will say it kicked my butt. The yoga afterward was the hardest part. Normally after I do my exercises I don’t want to do anything but crash. I had a horrible handache after the run so the downward dog was tough on my head. Mike picked me up afterward and I was ready to take a nap!

I woke up at 6 this morning to make it there on time. I much rathered stay in bed and sleep a couple more hours. My face must have said enough because Liz (our coach and the lady in pink above) gave me a hug and said “It’ll be ok! It’ll be fun!” Well, it wasn’t fun but it was ok. I was able to do all of the runs although they were tough toward the end. Then Jerry, our assistant coach, asked me how it went. I was by far the largest one there, but I thought I did a decent job all things considered. Next week I’m hoping will go a little better!

I met a friend for dinner, but before I made a stop at Walgreens to pick up a prescription. Unfortunately they had Cadbury Eggs….sigh…I bought AND ate two of them.

Then I met Michelle at Chuy’s for dinner. We had chicken fajita’s and I had 3 margaritas. They were good but full of calories. Interestingly, my feet felt swollen as we were leaving the table. It was obvious my body wasn’t use to all of the salt and whatever else. So, I’m going to drink as much water and possible and make better choices tomorrow.

I hope y’all had a better Saturday! Tomorrow’s the Super Bowl.


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