I feel like crap. Crap I tell you! I couldn’t smell breathe through my nose all night so I had to breathe through my mouth and had dry mouth all night long. Then, I woke up at 1 and couldn’t get back to sleep until 4. I had to get up at 5 to get ready for work. All day long I couldn’t breathe either….So, the conclusion I came to is…I’m sick. Drippy nose…icky throat…just all around yuck feeling, like the sticker…Mr. Yuck.

I made it to the gym and did my workout. It was hard…I felt drained…and really didn’t feel like doing my work out. However, I pushed through it and was glad I was finished. When I got back to work my coworker, Dusty, said I looked “spicy”. Then I saw my husband and he said “You look worn out”. I think I like Dusty’s description better! However, I did look like I had been sitting in a sauna with a fur coat on.

A few hours later and I still can’t breathe through my nose and I still feel like crap. I’m hoping tomorrow is better!


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  1. Yuck. 😦 Maybe you got sick at the gym. You know how nasty people can be, they sneeze and cough all over the gym equipment, wipe their noses then wipe it all over everything (I know, I must be making you feel so much better!). Maybe you should take hand sanitizer with you to the gym from now on. I hope you feel better soon, I know it sucks to be sick!

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