Something changed…


I didn’t go to the gym yesterday as I was scheduled. I was still feeling bad, something about how I felt changed. Instead of just being sneezy, sniffly, achy, and blah in my head…it had now moved down to my chest. I have a workout at Luke’s Locker for Fit club on Thursday so I wanted to give myself 2 days of rest.

I woke up this morning and wanted to just go back to sleep. I didn’t sleep well last night because I kept coughing and hacking. My poor hubby probably didn’t sleep well either. Finally, I figured out that if I laid on my back I wouldn’t cough so much. I found this a bit odd as I thought if you were on your back you would drain right into the back of your throat which would trigger more coughing. But, anyway…I got up at 5 this morning and drug my butt into the shower. I blew my nose and needless to see it was not pretty….Highlighter…that’s all I have to say. I finished my shower and got my junk together for work. I was very tempted to just call in sick and sleep the rest of the day but I have a guy in for his last day of training today.

Moving at a snail’s pace I finally walked out the door to my car. Mike gave me a hug, which didn’t make me feel better physically but always does mentally and emotionally. The road rage was nonexistant this morning. So, I guess I just need to be sick for me not to turn into some yelling raging idiot when I drive in traffic.

Today’s goal, finish as quickly as possible with Superman (the guy I’m training) and then go home. Sounds good to me.

I hope y’all are feeling ok!


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