High Blood Pressure?


Today was my first day back in gym after a week off. I still have a cough but figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to get back out there and start again. I was doing ok, but after my 3rd round of running my ears felt like they were closing off (sounds got muffled) and I felt pressure building in my head. After that I had a massive headache. So, I’m wondering why…was it just because I’m still somewhat congested or is it a sign of high blood pressure? I’ve tested my blood pressure several times before and it’s always been in a good range, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t increasing when I exercise. I decided to walk the rest of the workout. I didn’t want to risk passing out while at the gym…not a good idea!

On a good note, I got 1.7 miles in which means I’m still in 1st place right now for my Nike+ challenge! Even after a week off…guess it’s a good thing my cousins took a week off too!

OH…and I’ve changed my official weigh in day to Wednesdays. I tend to eat a lot of salt on the weekends, so this will give me a chance to flush that out of my system.


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  1. That sounds like the results from your illness. Probably from congestion and you may have sinusitis. Sometimes people have it and don’t even know it. Take care of that so you don’t get sick again! Oh and I saw that you lost another half pound, right? 😀 A lot of people tend to overeat when they get sick and you didn’t. Woohoo!

    • Yes ma’am, I did lose another half pound! I’ve been trying to watch my diet pretty closely since I’m not working out. I think you’re right about the sickness being my problem. I go see my throat doctor tomorrow so I’m sure he’ll probably give me something to finish kicking this crap!

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