Thursday's Fit Club


Yesterday was the first time I went to our Thursday Fit Club meetings. I knew it would be rough for me, but I thought it was important I at least go to these meetings if I’m not going to run the whole thing. We started off and I was having a little bit of a rough time breathing (still congested…dang lungs). I did the first run, then decided I’d walk the whole thing. Thankfully, Irma was also walking. I just met her last night. She’s a funny older lady (Retired teacher) who was interesting to listen to. Since I was having some breathing issues it was mainly a one sided conversation, but I didn’t mind too much. She was telling me about some books she had read, but couldn’t remember the name to. Then she told me about “The Geography of Bliss”, which is written by Eric Weiner who is a reporter for NPR…or used to be not sure which. She said he traveled the globe getting different culture’s definition of happiness. The book is supposed to be enlightening and somewhat funny. I may add that to my list of books to read.

I was the last one back to our group for stretches. I was doing ok until the lunge where you had to put your feet on the ground. As soon as my head dipped down I got a huge headache. I’m guessing it’s probably just all of the pressure from the congestion. It lasted for over 45 minutes until I could get home and get some drugs! I can’t wait for this crap to go away. My cousin, Kelly, did an excellent job. She’s already shaved over a minute off of her mile pace. There are two 5K groups. The A group (my group) did the 1 min run 1 min walk while the B group did 3 mins run 1 min walk. Well, last night they put both of those groups together. Every single one of the B group did the A groups workout, except for Kelly. She pushed herself to do the B group workout. I was proud of her!

Today is a rest day, then tomorrow we meet up again at the store. We’re walking around the lake this time! I’m excited about that. It’s nice to change up the scenery! After that workout, I’m picking my Dad up from the airport. I’m so happy to be able to see him again. I don’t like seeing them just twice a year. I talk to them quite a bit, but it’s not the same…you can’t get hugs over a phone!

Have a great Friday y’all!!


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