Wednesday Weigh In


Well, I weighed in a pound up today. Part of the problem was the fact that I had bought some Easter candy to send to my cousins in Sweden, but some of it found it’s way in my mouth. *sigh* I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Monday and Tuesday’s workouts went well. Yesterdays was going pretty good until some guy got on the treadmill next to be and kept burping up his lunch…sausage sandwich perhaps? It was quite disgusting. When I’m tired and hot my sense of smell seems to be amplified, so it was starting to make my stomach curl. Thankfully, I only had about 5 minutes left with Stinky Pete. I’m still not up to running. My lungs still feel heavy, but they’re clearer than they have been. I think probably by next week I can start running some again.

I need to sign up for Muddy Trails 5K. My hope is to be able to run some of it. I don’t have a definite distance, but I want to be able to run some of it without getting wiped out and walking slower than I need to. This will be my third year to do this race. If you would have told me that I would become a regular participant of 5Ks, I would have laughed at you. Mind you, I don’t run them…but I have done 3 in the last 2 years…I think that’s a big accomplishment for someone who hates exercise!

Now, if I could kick the sugar…dang Easter candy…


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  1. Any kind of smell in the gym can really throw off your workout. Remember the perfume lady that used to go there? Makes sucking in air hard. 😉

    Don’t be discouraged by the candy. This is life afterall, and slips happen. The good thing is that you acknowledge it, learn, and move on.

    • Yeah, I was thinking about the perfume lady while I was internally griping at sausage boy! I’m not kicking myself for the candy, too hard. It’s almost that time, so I think that along with it being some of my favorite pushed me over the edge. I’ve done well today not eating much. I had a small bag of mini eggs from Amelia’s bucket. I’ve also decided not to touch her bucket anymore…

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