Sunny Saturday


Today was my 4th week of Fit Club. We met at a new park this week, so the trail was a nice change. We basically ran on a greenbelt trail in the Woodlands. I didn’t know that park was there, so now I have a new place I can go to workout when I want to get some fresh air!

I found out that my coach, Liz, is from Katrineholm Sweden which is where my Grandfather (and still some of my family) lived. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were related in some way, or if my family knows her family. Katrineholm isn’t that big!

I was able to get some running in today. Interestingly, my walking speed was almost as fast as our slowest runner…that made me feel better! I only finished a couple of minutes behind most of the group and about 30 seconds behind Clara (the last runner). My shin splints came back for a little while, but after walking for a bit they seemed to work themselves out. We went through a couple of areas that were like land mines…there were a ton of Sweetgum Balls, or pods…whatever they’re called:

If you’re not careful and hit these balls just right, your foot rolls and you could possibly bust your butt! We also had to watch out for some doggy doo that irresponsible pet owners left behind. After our walk/run, we did about 25 minutes of yoga. It always seems the yoga is harder than the run, but it seemed a little easier today. My body was still shaking when I tried to do the side plank. It just doesn’t like that move! That’s ok though, because one of these days I’ll be able to do it without shaking.

After my workout, I went home and showered up. Then I went over to the Woodlands’ Waterway to meet my friend Jackie for lunch at Which Wich. While I was there I decided to see what this Hubbell and Hudson was all about:

This place was very nice! It has two stories. The first floor has all sorts of food, including an olive bar, deli area, bakery, and coffee bar. Of course, they had a candy department too that was just tasty to look at!

No, I didn’t buy any candy. However, I did find my favorite tea! HEB used to carry it, but they stopped carrying it a while back. Now I know where to find it again!

They have a grocery area with all sorts of organic foods (they even have free range eggs!) and foods from different countries. My husband was trying to find some vintage pin up girls for a program he was writing a while back (thankfully our Boss nipped that in the bud!) and when I saw these drinks I had to take a picture for him!

In the tea/coffee area they had these “sugar sticks” to sweeten your drinks with:

We called this rock candy as a kid! I think this is just a way to make it ok for adults to have them without feeling bad…lol.

They have a restaurant on the bottom floor as well. I didn’t go in so I’m not sure what food they serve, but I’m sure it’s cheap! Right….

The second floor has a cooking school and an area where you can sit and eat sandwiches or any other food you buy there. All in all, it was a very cool place!

I had a great day! My workout was good, I got off with a warning for speeding (yeah, I know), got to see my friend I hadn’t seen in a while, and found a cool new store!

OH and…I’m getting a Garmin F60 on Thursday when I go back to Luke’s for Fit Club…very excited about that! I have been using my nike+ to track my mileage but I think it’s off. They didn’t have any female watches left, so they ordered one from another store. Thankfully they were able to find a black one. It was either that or bright pink!


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  1. I love the pictures. I may have broken down and bought some candy, it looks so good! I’ve been icing my shoulder for 20 minutes every hour since yesterday. *frustrating* Oh and my husband -so- wants a GPS for running. He downloaded Log My Run and some other app that I forgot the name of but neither seems to be accurate. There are some dead zones where we walk/run so I’m sure that has something to do with it.

    • I didn’t hang around the candy section long enough to break down! The garmin I’m getting isn’t GPS based. It has a small footpod, but that way I can use it inside too if I’m using a treadmill or an indoor track. It’s supposed to be 99% accurate, but it also works with a scale that keeps track of your body fat, metabolic age, etc. When you step on the scale it records it to your watch (it’s on the garmin web site). Plus, it’s a heart rate monitor!

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