Tuesday update and Wednesday Weigh-In


Tuesday I really didn’t feel like working out. But, I drug my butt to the gym and made myself do it. However, I didn’t do as well as I could have. I had started running a little bit and got some pain in my left leg, so I slowed down but I slowed down too much. I should have kept up some speed. My leg wasn’t hurting that bad. At least I made myself do it though. I only went 1.7 miles in 32 minutes.

I weighed in today and lost another pound. So, I lost the pound I gained last week! That’s a good thing…now, I just need to get my eating back on track and push my workouts more so I can get below 200. Tomorrow is Fit Club again. I’m going to try out Chi running…or at least what I have gathered it is by the videos and blogs. Basically, it’s a way of running where you don’t land on your heel (no heel strike) which is supposed to be easier on your knees and shins. So, I’ll see if it helps with my shin splints. If that’s even what I’m feeling. It’s only in my left leg too, which is very odd to me. Then again, most women have one breast that’s bigger than the other so maybe I have one leg that’s weaker than the other!

Someone drove into our ditch yesterday at some point. They’re lucky most of the water has gone down. We live right at a 90 degree turn, and I think people just get to talking on the phone or doing something and forget to turn! It has been averaging one car every year and a half. The one before this ran over two baby pine trees that were planted when we moved in. They’re both dead now…jerks. Our ditch is so deep though that no one is going in there without some sort of damage to their vehicle. We have a license plate from the first car that drove into it after we moved in. It must have been bad because there were firetrucks and ambulances leaving when I got home that night.

30 days until the Muddy Trails 5K!!! I still have some time to figure out this shin splint thing so I can run it some this year instead of walking it all. I won’t be upset if I have to walk though as long as I finish it!

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