It's the Eye of the Tiger…


Thursday’s fit club was OK. I really didn’t feel like going, but I made myself go. I knew Kelly would give me a hard time if I didn’t show up, so I got dressed and headed out to the Woodlands. When I got there, Kelly and Carla were no where to be seen. They BOTH stood me up!

We walked/ran the waterway again. This time I went all the way down to where the waterway meets up with the mall. I ran more than I had been at the club, but unfortunately my left leg started bothering me again so I stopped running and walked the rest of the way. Jerry (my coach) thought my shoes may be tied in a bad place for my foot, so it is putting too much pressure on those tendons which is causing the pain. I’m not so sure they’re shin splints as I feel it on the top of my foot to just above the ankle and on the left side of my leg around that ankle bone. So, he suggested I take my laces out of the top hole and try tying it further down. I’ll try that and see how it does.

I finished last on Thursday, but I’m ok with that. I went 2.55 miles and had a pace of 17:17 with a hurting foot. Once I get that pain to go away I think my pace will be much better. I’m going on vacation a week from Saturday, so I’ll have to make sure I get my running in while I’m in NC.

When I finally made it to the end, where the rest of the people were waiting for me, I think I tweaked a hip muscle. Right on the front of the hip. I must have made the turn odd because my leg wanted to give out…but thankfully it was a quick pain and not lasting. It’s a little sore today, like I gave it a good workout. I’m hoping that was all it was…I just fatigued it. Tomorrow is another Fit Club day so we’ll see how it does then. My legs are sore all together today. More than likely it’s because of the running. It’s a good sign! I’m getting stronger! Or so I tell myself…

I did get my Garmin FR60 yesterday. I didn’t have time to set it up and use it, so tomorrow will be my first day using it as well. I have some pictures I’ll post on here later today to show the size. I’m glad it isn’t too incredibly big.


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