I wasn’t feeling it on Monday. I didn’t want to go workout. I would have rather gone home and read. However, I drug my tush to the gym and got in a workout. It was a horrible workout though. My shins started bothering me as I was getting into it, so I slowed down a bit. I got some running in, but not as much as I would have liked. I stopped at 30 minutes, which was the minimum I was going to do.

Then today, I didn’t go workout. I’m just not feeling it much. I will give it more on Thursday. I just needed a little bit of rest.

I promised pictures of the Garmin FR60. This is the lady’s version, which is only different from the men’s version by the strap. My arm looks quite hairy here…it’s really not that bad!

The watch isn’t too bad. It’s actually quite comfortable when you’re wearing it.

The little set of eyes in the background is my dog trying to figure out what I’m doing!


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  1. Your dog looks so very concerned! I know my husband wants some sort of GPS thingie. I know a little about them but not enough to know what kind people use for running. How is yours working out for you?

    • I really like mine so far. It tells me just what I want to know. The nice thing about a GPS version is if you get lost out on a trail or something you can use your GPS to find your way back! I think it shows the trail you took, but it gets your distance from satellite which may be more accurate than my foot pod.

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