Tuesday at the beach


Yesterday I wasn’t really feeling it, so I didn’t do my workout.

However, today was such a beautiful day (well, yesterday was too) that I decided to go walk at Sylvan Beach instead of going to the gym.  Only one problem…when I got there, there wasn’t a trail for walking. There was a small walk area, which I felt pretty sure I’d have to walk back and forth about 50 times to get a mile. The wind was blowing pretty good, and it was nice to see the gulf.

Thankfully, there was a large field next to the park that was not being used by anyone. So, I walked around the field a few times (about 6) for a total of 2.2 miles.

The ground was squishy (not wet) so it was kinda like walking on a mattress at some parts. The ground was very uneven in parts as well so it was a definite workout on my calves and buttocks! It felt good though. Well worth it. I will not be walking it again though. I get bored walking in circles!

There was some interesting smells as well; a little old shrimp and a little port-a-potty…ew.


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