So…What's going on?


Yesterday I wasn’t able to go to the gym after work because I had to take Christa to pick up her car at the dealership. So I went to the quilt store to get my materials to finish my project for March. Now now…before you jump to conclusions, I did get my workout in.

When I got home, I went upstairs in the garage and was hit with a heat wave. It was 91 degrees up there….whew it was hot. I opened the door and turned on the fan. I walked away while watching America’s Next Top Model. I’m not normally a fan of that show but they were doing Vampire shoots so I watched to see what they did. By the time I finished with my 45 minutes I was dripping sweat. Eeww doggy…I stank too! I got in 2.8 miles and burned over 300 calories!

After my workout I tried to cool off the best I could then jumped on my One Project A Month assignment (OPAM). I wanted to make a book cover for my paperbacks, but ended up making a journal cover instead. The directions were for the journal cover and it just went faster not having to figure out all of my measurements! I sewed from about 8 until 10:30 last night, but I finished it! Now, for April, I need to start earlier!


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  1. Our stupid treadmill is in our family room which oddly only has one window. It gets so stuffy in there, I hate that. Fortunately though, it never gets hot in the Pacific Northwest. It makes me laugh when people here cry over two day “heatwaves” of 90 degree weather. That’s nothing compared to what I was used to. Wimps. Heh.

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