Weekend Warrior


This weekend was pretty good. I didn’t do a whole lot. Saturday I got up and went to fit club. I got a little over 2 1/2 miles in and enjoyed the weather. Then when I got home, my husband had already left for his mother’s. I had decided I would go with him since I hadn’t been over there in a while, but he told me to stay home or go do whatever I wanted. So, I stayed home and relaxed. I took a nap and enjoyed not doing anything! When Mike got home we went out to eat at Outback. I ordered the cheeseburger but only ate half of it. I gave the other half to Mike and left many of the fries on the plate. I also had a margarita, which was yuuuummmmy! Usually I’d have 2 or 3, but I nursed this one through the entire meal.

Sunday Mike and I didn’t do much of anything again. Mike worked all day or various things/projects. I watched a movie and read for a while. The dogs were able to enjoy the lovely weather outside, which they loved!

Here’s my weekend food collage:

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