Gym Rat


I first joined the gym so I could get some of my workouts in while Mike was finishing up work at the office. I had an extra hour, so why not use it wisely? The second reason was because the garage gets extremely hot. Well, the past two days the gym has not been any cooler than our garage! I’ve literally been soaked in sweat by the time I finish. At least I’m getting some toxins out of my system, but it’s kinda nasty to be that sweaty and have to sit like that for over an hour as we go home.

Monday’s workout went well. I did 2.87 miles in 45 minutes. I have a goal of doing 3 miles in 45 minutes. If I can pull that off, then I may be able to finish my next 5K in less than 55 minutes.

Food was ok. We went to Panera bread for lunch and I tried their Greek Salad…I think I’m hooked!

Tuesday, today, I got in 3 miles in 46 minutes. SOOOO close! But, that makes me feel good because that means it’s attainable! I got a blister on the bottom of my foot because I had a hole…doh! Tomorrow is a rest day, so I’m hoping it’ll go away before my fit club workout on Thursday.


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