Week in review


I have been very slack lately about posting, so I’m going to do one massive post for Wednesday through Friday.

Wednesday weigh in:

I weighed in at 214 on Wednesday morning. Thankfully the scale went back down a little bit. I haven’t been as diligent about my food and exercise as I should so I expected a gain, possibly. I had training at work, so I took the girls out to Antonio’s for lunch. It was a rest day, so I didn’t work out.


I had training today at work again. It was a bit more stressful this day because they just weren’t getting 3rd party. Most of the problem was they just didn’t really have a frame of reference so it was new for them. Christa and I took them to El Ranchero for lunch. I didn’t make it to my fit class because we stayed later for training than anticipated. However, I should have worked out when I got home, but I didn’t.


It was a rather slow day at work. I didn’t want to be there in the first place, so that probably made it even slower. Michelle and I went to Bullritos for lunch. I could eat Mexican food everyday and never get tired of it! Today was a scheduled rest day. I weighed myself that morning and weighed in at 212.4. I’m not counting that as an official weight until I weigh in again on Wednesday. If it’s 212.4 on Wednesday then I will.

All my food choices for the past three days:


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