Wednesday Weigh In


I shouldn’t be surprised but I’m at 214. I keep bouncing between 212 and 215. Of course that’s probably due to the poor eating I’ve been doing lately. I tend to start eating poorly the more I start losing weight. It really doesn’t make sense. So, I need to start paying closer attention to my food intake and get below 200!


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  1. Ok, WEIRD!

    I just logged in to Dailymile and saw your friend request. So I clicked on your website link, landed here and the first thing I read is “214lb.” which was my exact weight when I started my own journey last summer. I’m looking forward to following your journey to get healthy.

    Good luck with the Rise and Shine!

    Danie B.

    • My largest was 250, so I’m glad to be down where I am right now but I’d like it to go a little faster! Support is always a big help!

  2. Hi Tammy, I’m back and mostly caught up with your entries. You’re actually doing really well. You’re very aware of what you’re doing. More and more people are dropping off my Lose It list like flies, most of them have stopped exercising before they quit altogether. The physical activity is -really- important, I think and you’re keeping at it!

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