Make Yourself Go Monday


I didn’t feel like going to the gym today. I decided I would just go ahead and use today as a rest day then workout tomorrow. However, my brain started in on me.

“How are you going to get below 200lbs if you skip your workouts?”

Ugghhh, fine I’ll go.

I’m glad I made myself go to the gym. I was sweaty, hot, and tired but felt better about myself than if I would have skipped the workout all together. I started following The Penguin’s Walk/Run 5K training today to increase my running ability. Before, I was doing the C25K which is a run/walk workout. I’d get to a certain point and get stuck, so I’m hoping by following the walk/run program first I’ll build a better foundation to increase my running.

When I got out to my car this afternoon to go workout, the temperature was reading 100 degrees! That’s nuts! It’s like Mother Nature said “Ok, it’s May, let’s turn up the heat!”

This is why I got my gym membership! It’s about to get wayyy too hot to workout outside unless you get up at 6 or 7 and I’m NOT a morning person!


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  1. Gah! That temperature! And here I am, shivering and cursing the chilly rains outside. Good for you for going to the gym anyway. I always feel better after I make myself exercise. It’s always worth it.

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