Weigh In Wednesday


It was “that” time again today. Time to groan and moan and step on the scale to see what the damage is for the week. My results?

 I’m down to 212.8! Woohoo! I guess I was retaining some water last week. In just 13 more pounds I’ll be under 200. That means I need to start pushing my butt a little more. I didn’t get any exercise in yesterday because I was tending to a sick child dog. Today I’m not getting a workout in either because the Starbucks Hot Chocolate is not agreeing with my tummy right now. That means tomorrow is my last day for a workout before my race on Saturday. I don’t like to workout the day before a 5K just in case I do something stupid, like hurt myself.

After this weekend’s race, I’ll probably take a couple of days off then get back into the Penguin’s training schedule. The more running I get in, the better my weight loss should be! So, I have 3 months to lose 13 pounds…not bad…not bad at all!


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