Let's get physical…physical


Alright, my break after the race is done! I’ve sat on my tush long enough. The weight stayed the same this week, which was expected. I did a walk 4 minutes/run 1 minute interval during my race and did well with that. This week I decided I would try a 2/2 interval to try to get more running in. Since it’s getting sooooo hot outside now, I’m really relying on the treadmill at the gym. This is good and bad. Good because it forces me to keep a constant pace; bad because it’s much easier to run/walk on the treadmill than the road.

Today was the first day of 2/2 and it kicked my tush! I was quite tired when I was done. I wasn’t so tired that I wanted to stop and lay down right then, but I was definitely huffing and puffing when I was done! It felt good though. As much as I wasn’t looking forward to working out, it sure felt good to push my body again!

Yep, that good! I’ll continue with the 2/2 pace this week and probably next week to get used to it. You know what else feels good? My happy hour nightgown fitting much better! *WARNING>>>>SOMEWHAT NAUSEATING PICTURES BELOW*

I was going to wait until I got below 200 to share these pictures, but I can see a BIG difference between the before and now pictures here. Am I embarrassed? You bet. Who wants to look that…um….hilly…in a picture?!

My nightgown is like 3-4 inches longer! Of course, that’s because I have less fat keeping it hiked up. One of the other things I noticed not too long ago, my knees don’t hurt me nearly as much going up and down stairs now. They used to crunch loudly (as in Mike could hear them crunching) and hurt quite a bit. They still crunch, but not as loud, and they are only slightly uncomfortable now. Yeah, I can still feel it in my knees but only as a nuisance. Waahoo!


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  1. That is quite a difference in those pictures! I can really see how you’ve toned up! I totally relate to the knee crunching thing. I have the same issue and it’s really improved greatly. It’s such a relief not to have to baby my knees or hear as much crunching which really squicks me out.

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