Another 2/2 Day


Today was my second day of 2 minutes walking/2 minutes running. It kicked my butt this go ’round. I was ready for my last set to be done so I could go home. However, I still felt pretty happy with it. I did have to slow down a little bit, but I gave it all I had. After the intervals were done I walked at a slow pace for about 5 minutes. So, dripping sweat I drug myself to my car, cranked up the air, guzzled my water, and headed back to the office to pick Mike up.

When we got home there was a suuuur-prize waiting in the mailbox!

That’s right, I got my RoadID in! I ordered one for my Mother and Father for their days (mom and pop days) and I got one for myself for races and working out. Mike is normally with me when we get to the race, but he does his thing and I do mine so it’s a good idea to have something like this with me. Mom and Dad go hiking/walking a lot by themselves, so this will be good for them too. Mom’s is purple (an odd watered down grape kool aid color) and Dad’s is red. I decided to go with Pink…the yellow is somewhat nice. Michelle has it, but yellow makes my olive skin look sick! So, my other choices were black, blue, purple, red or pink. So, I decided to show my support for Susan G. Komen and got the pink!

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  1. I saw these bracelets online a few weeks back and wondered if I should get one but my husband and I had just bought survival strap bracelets. That pink is really nice actually. Yellow makes me look sickly too. 😛

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