Stop Whining


Today is a workout day and I’m really not feeling like going. I would rather stay at my office and read. However, I need to get my butt off of my chair and get my workout in. My weight has gone up some because of my eating habits lately. Time to start getting serious about that too. I have 15 lbs to go (give or take…some days 12) before I hit below 200lbs.  That’s it! So, why am I dragging @$$ and not doing what I need to do? 15 pounds…at 5 pounds a month that’s only 3 months. So, let’s do it!

Oh, and I was listening to JJ Virgin’s interview on a podcast where she said the normal “Bank account” way of losing weight isn’t the way to go. It’s not just about calories in and calories out…it’s about where you workout in your fat zone. SUPPOSEDLY, HIIT or burst training is better for you than running/walking daily. She was making fun of people who train for a marathon and then don’t lose weight. “Of course you’re not going to lose weight…you’re body is eating your muscle.” So, I’m not real sure what to think of that…what do you think?


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  1. I’ve heard the same thing but I think there’s an assumption that people training for marathons are not doing a variety of exercise. I personally know a woman who got into running when she weighed about 275 and now she is…well, she’s a thin marathon runner. I still think it’s a matter of coaxing your body to get back into the habit of metabolizing your foods better so you burn fat and not muscle. I think if the whole HIIT theory were correct then everyone would do interval training and be magically thin. I am still in line with the theory that decades of eating processed foods are taking a toll on everyone’s health and metabolism. *shrug*

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