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I've been a bad, bad girl…


Yep…I have. I’ve taken 6 days off from working out *GASP*. Ok, actually I’ve taken 4 days off as two of those days were scheduled rest days. I just got a little burned out on exercise and needed a break. Now, it’s back to the grindstone!


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading of fitness blogs and have found myself drawn to ultra marathoners/ultra runners. Why? I’m not quite sure. I admire their tenacity and drive. Would I ever want to run 50+ miles in one sitting? I don’t think so. I can’t even run 1 yet! The idea of being alone out there on a trail with nothing but the feel of the earth beneath your feet and the call of nature as company is very soothing to me. Anton Krupicka knows what I mean! Of course the other Ultra Runner I’ve been reading is Devon Crosby-Helms. Both of these athletes leave me in a state of awe. Of course, part of me thinks they’re absolutely crazy for putting themselves through 8+ hours of running in a day…but hey, to each their own!

So, while I’m at the gym trying to run I’ll think of those that can run like the wind and remind myself that everyone starts at the beginning!


Ironman to the Woodlands?


Sooo….a little birdie told me that Ironman may be coming to the Woodlands next year. How cool would that be? It’s estimated that it would bring in about 1.3 million tax dollars; however they’re looking at having it in May. REALLY? Have they considered the fact that it’s hot as all get out toward the last half of May? I imagine heat stroke could be a big issue then. Maybe they’ll be able to move it up to April or even March if in fact it comes to the Woodlands.

Where You Been?


Ok, so I’ve been a bit remiss in my postings lately. I HAVE been working out though! I’ve been doing walking/running intervals on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ve been trying my hand at the rowing machine. At first I wasn’t too sure how I’d like rowing because I got reallllly tired early on. However, after 2 weeks I feel pretty good now. I have the resistance on the highest level and my arms feel great when I’m done. My legs still feel like jello when I finish too, but that’s a good sign! It means I’m working muscles that don’t get worked out while running.

I lost one pound this past week. My biggest problem is not eating very well. I need to stop being such a deadbeat and pay closer attention to eating healthier. I’m hoping to be below 200 by the end of the summer.

On July 13th I have a doctor’s appointment with my throat doctor to see when they’ll schedule my next dilation. I hope it’s soon. I’d like to be able to breathe better…especially while working out!

Removing Needless Posts


I’ve decided to remove all of the food log posts I put on here from LoseIt! First of all, I don’t ever go back and look at them and if I did, they wouldn’t be any sort of motivation. Secondly, they’re just taking up space and they were oddly formated. So, I will be going from 131 posts to….maybe 100!

Onward and upward!

Wellness Log


I had waited for a while for my local Barnes and Noble to get the Moleskine Wellness Log so I could go down and pick it up. Alas…they still don’t have it in the stores. So, I decided to make my own just using the pages of interest for me.

First…I had to get the Moleksine! This one’s a sketchbook so the pages would be blank.

Then I added the pages I wanted. First was the weekly goals:

Then my previous races, just for a little motivation:

Then I had to have somewhere to log my exercise!

My diet pages:

and…a little more motivation never hurt anyone!

I also put some “Breakthrough Moments” pages in, but I have yet to have any breakthrough moments at this time (this round of counting cals):

This book is set up to support 2 months. I figured by the end of 2 months I should be very close, if not below, the 200 mark. Michelle has started an calorie log for us to put our daily calories, workouts, and weigh ins on. That way she can kick my butt when she sees calorie intakes like the one from yesterday for 2300!! I was keeping track of my calories in my LoseIt! application on my iphone and while I like it, I think Michelle was right that you pay attention more to the actual calories you’re eating when you write it down instead of just clicking on a food. So, I’m doing this old school style for 2 months to see how it goes.



I’ve been gone for a bit. Just needed to take a break. Unfortunately, I also took a break (about a week) from working out. However, I’m back on track with that now. Yesterday I did 30 minutes of rowing. Today my inner thighs and shoulders are sore! That’s a good sign though.

While Mom was in town (one reason I took a week off) we went to the Outlet Mall and found out they have a local Texas Farm that rents one of the stores to sell their yummy food!

I bought a jar of Sweet Fire which consisted of bread and butter pickles and jalapeños. I don’t like sweet pickles but Mike said they were quite good. Some of their food was a bit high in cost, but well worth it to support a local farm!

I started counting calories again on Monday. Unfortunately today I way pigged out at lunch, but I don’t think I did too bad since I had fajitas. I’ll do my calorie count and see where I ended. 6 pounds (218) crept back on from not eating right and not exercising. SO…you know what that means…get my butt in gear. I want to get below 200 by the end of summer. Time to step on it!