Wellness Log


I had waited for a while for my local Barnes and Noble to get the Moleskine Wellness Log so I could go down and pick it up. Alas…they still don’t have it in the stores. So, I decided to make my own just using the pages of interest for me.

First…I had to get the Moleksine! This one’s a sketchbook so the pages would be blank.

Then I added the pages I wanted. First was the weekly goals:

Then my previous races, just for a little motivation:

Then I had to have somewhere to log my exercise!

My diet pages:

and…a little more motivation never hurt anyone!

I also put some “Breakthrough Moments” pages in, but I have yet to have any breakthrough moments at this time (this round of counting cals):

This book is set up to support 2 months. I figured by the end of 2 months I should be very close, if not below, the 200 mark. Michelle has started an calorie log for us to put our daily calories, workouts, and weigh ins on. That way she can kick my butt when she sees calorie intakes like the one from yesterday for 2300!! I was keeping track of my calories in my LoseIt! application on my iphone and while I like it, I think Michelle was right that you pay attention more to the actual calories you’re eating when you write it down instead of just clicking on a food. So, I’m doing this old school style for 2 months to see how it goes.


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