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So…How's the bug?


So far so good! I only have two days worth of info to post here as I haven’t had a chance to update yesterday’s calories yet. But, I will say yesterday was an up day on my calories (damn tacos al carbon!).

Let’s start with Monday! I did outstanding on my caloric intake and pretty good on my out-take, I mean burn.

I love how you can see just what times you were most active. I’m up by 5AM and go to bed at 10PM. The bodybugg estimates your calories burned overnight. I’ve thought about getting the Bodymedia Fit as it analyzes your sleep patterns too, but the jury is still out on that. I go to the gym at 4PM and finish about 5PM. It’s cool to see it in a bar chart format. I have a desk job so you can see when I was sitting on my tush!

Now…let’s take a look at Tuesday:

Again, I did good with my caloric intake (under 1800). My burn was a little less than Monday because I did the rowing machine as opposed to running.

I like having this information, but I wish it had a few more reports you could run from their website. Maybe they’ll make some changes during their “routine maintenance” tonight!

Happy Thursday Everybody!


Tools of the trade


I’m a big gadget junky. I won’t lie…I love me some gadgets! That’s especially true for weight loss. I had the Nike+ sports kit for a while and loved it. Now I have the Garmin FR60 and couldn’t be happier. While both of these were great tools for calorie burn and distance during the workout, I like to know what kind of calories I’m burning on a daily basis from morning to dark. A couple of years ago I bit the bullet and bought a BodyBugg. I enjoyed it and liked some of the web tools, however, the monthly subscription was a bit much. So, I let it expire and put it away in the desk drawer.

Well, after losing some money and not really wanting to lose any more I dug it back out. Rockin’ it old school, baby!

I signed up for a month of the website, figuring I’d see how it goes. It was $9.95, which was quite¬†a bit cheaper than the last time I paid for their services, so that’s good news. I have to wait until 3PM PCT for them to re-instate my subscription which is somewhat silly to me, but whatever. I’m hoping this will help kick me in the pants a bit to move more. It’s real easy to be blind to the fact that you haven’t moved much all day until you see your day charted out in front of you.

So, I’ll check back in periodically to let ya know how it’s going!

Weigh in day – bumbumbummm


Well, I did it! I lost 1 pound.

LW: 218.8

TW: 217.7

I’m not exactly sure how I lost a pound looking back at my food journal, but I’m not going to complain either! Michelle doesn’t get my money this week! Yeehaw.

What’s the game plan for this next week?

Pretty simple plan, in theory….not so simple in execution! Have a great weekend and I’ll keep ya posted!



I was doing some memory tracing looking at previous posts and came across my weigh in on 2/15. I was at 218.6 and that’s almost what I weighed last Friday. So, what does that say? It says I’ve been a lazy ass!! I should be down to at least 180 by now. I don’t think 10 lbs a month is too much to ask for. But, like Michelle says “can’t look back, only forward.” There’s no sense in it except to give myself a kick in the tush.

Michelle and I have an agreement, to which I’ve already lost $20. Tomorrow is another weigh in day and I have a feeling I’m going to lose another $20. We were originally going to do this for the month of July, but now we’ve agreed to do this through the end of the year. YIKES!

I’m seriously lacking motivation…I’m just….done. I don’t want to worry about calories or what I eat or working out or…or…or. Alas, I have two choices. 1) Choose to be healthy and put the work in or 2) choose to be unhealthy and pay the consequences. I read a statement somewhere that said “Being fat is hard, losing weight is hard, choose your hard.” With that in mind, I’ve been chosing the fat hard. Don’t know why. I also know that you shouldn’t wait for motivation to hit before you do anything…you should just do it and the motivation will come.

I’m still exercising, but not 5 days a week like I should. I’m still somewhat watching my calories, but not eating the number I’m supposed to. In other words, I’ve been lazy. I will turn it around. It’ll take time…but it will be done.

Put your money where your mouth is!


My friend Michelle and I have both been trying to lose weight for a while. She’s been very successful and has lost about 70lbs over the past year or two. I’ve lost about 40lbs in that span and gained back a few…and lost a few. You know the routine. Well, we’ve both been falling behind on eating well and exercising normally so we made an agreement with each other. Our weigh in days are Fridays. If one of us gains weight from the previous weigh in then they have to pay the other person $20. Yeah, it’s a little steep but that’s the point.

So, what happens when you have a week like last week where we both gained weight? We’ve decided to start a pool and at the end of the month, we’ll determine the guidelines to see who wins that money. Woohoo!! This week it’s time to get button down and start counting calories again. I don’t have the excuse of traveling this week. Here’s hoping that I don’t have to fork over another $20 this Friday!!

Are we adults or what?


I have been shipped off to Los Angeles for work this week. Since Michelle and I have a new agreement (if I gain wait since my last weigh in I owe her $20) it was important that I get my workouts in. The fitness room at the hotel is extremely small, only about a third the size of my room.

When I first got there an older woman was on the stationary bike watching bones. She had it quite loud but I figured she was a little hard of hearing. I hopped on one of the treadmills and started listening to my audiobook. I only put in one ear phones so I can hear my watch beep for the interval changes.

About 20 minutes into my workout a guy came in and hopped on the treadmill next to me. He was about the same age as the woman. After a minute or so he asked if anyone was watching the tv. The lady said yes so he asked her to turn it down some, which I was ok with. She made some comment but didn’t turn the tv down. However she did mute it during commercials. Ahhh peace and I could hear my watch without putting it up to my ear.

Then the guy’s cell phone rang. At this point I’m thinking “really? Get off the phone and workout.” Well, the lady was a bit miffed because he’s talking during her show and says “can’t you call him back during a commercial? I’m trying to hear my show.” I rolled my eyes and waited for whatever was coming. At this point I had two intervals left.

“You can watch this shit some other time. This is a workout room for Christ’s sake.” The guy then goes back to his phone call so the lady turns UP the tv. At this point the tv is blaring, the guy is yelling and I can’t hear my watch let alone Edward telling Bella he wasn’t a superhero. I was about ready to blow my gasket.

Finally the guy got off his phone and the show ended. I finished my last interval and took off. I didn’t even do my cool down. I had a horrible headache which was probably from not eating and not having enough water in my system but I don’t think those people helped!

I ate a little something then went to bed at 8 (which is my normal bed time at home 10 cst) and woke up at 5 ready to go!