Put your money where your mouth is!


My friend Michelle and I have both been trying to lose weight for a while. She’s been very successful and has lost about 70lbs over the past year or two. I’ve lost about 40lbs in that span and gained back a few…and lost a few. You know the routine. Well, we’ve both been falling behind on eating well and exercising normally so we made an agreement with each other. Our weigh in days are Fridays. If one of us gains weight from the previous weigh in then they have to pay the other person $20. Yeah, it’s a little steep but that’s the point.

So, what happens when you have a week like last week where we both gained weight? We’ve decided to start a pool and at the end of the month, we’ll determine the guidelines to see who wins that money. Woohoo!! This week it’s time to get button down and start counting calories again. I don’t have the excuse of traveling this week. Here’s hoping that I don’t have to fork over another $20 this Friday!!


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