Tools of the trade


I’m a big gadget junky. I won’t lie…I love me some gadgets! That’s especially true for weight loss. I had the Nike+ sports kit for a while and loved it. Now I have the Garmin FR60 and couldn’t be happier. While both of these were great tools for calorie burn and distance during the workout, I like to know what kind of calories I’m burning on a daily basis from morning to dark. A couple of years ago I bit the bullet and bought a BodyBugg. I enjoyed it and liked some of the web tools, however, the monthly subscription was a bit much. So, I let it expire and put it away in the desk drawer.

Well, after losing some money and not really wanting to lose any more I dug it back out. Rockin’ it old school, baby!

I signed up for a month of the website, figuring I’d see how it goes. It was $9.95, which was quite a bit cheaper than the last time I paid for their services, so that’s good news. I have to wait until 3PM PCT for them to re-instate my subscription which is somewhat silly to me, but whatever. I’m hoping this will help kick me in the pants a bit to move more. It’s real easy to be blind to the fact that you haven’t moved much all day until you see your day charted out in front of you.

So, I’ll check back in periodically to let ya know how it’s going!


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