So…How's the bug?


So far so good! I only have two days worth of info to post here as I haven’t had a chance to update yesterday’s calories yet. But, I will say yesterday was an up day on my calories (damn tacos al carbon!).

Let’s start with Monday! I did outstanding on my caloric intake and pretty good on my out-take, I mean burn.

I love how you can see just what times you were most active. I’m up by 5AM and go to bed at 10PM. The bodybugg estimates your calories burned overnight. I’ve thought about getting the Bodymedia Fit as it analyzes your sleep patterns too, but the jury is still out on that. I go to the gym at 4PM and finish about 5PM. It’s cool to see it in a bar chart format. I have a desk job so you can see when I was sitting on my tush!

Now…let’s take a look at Tuesday:

Again, I did good with my caloric intake (under 1800). My burn was a little less than Monday because I did the rowing machine as opposed to running.

I like having this information, but I wish it had a few more reports you could run from their website. Maybe they’ll make some changes during their “routine maintenance” tonight!

Happy Thursday Everybody!


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