Brand New Day!


Yesterday was my 6th day of P90X. I was hopping around, kicking and punching like Jet Li to the Kenpo dvd. My dogs made sure I was ok by licking my face when I was doing my cool down. They’re so sweet! Needless to say, I probably looked like I was about to kill over because I sure felt like it. As I’ve mentioned before, I have tracheal stenosis which makes working out extra tough. Think about working out with a mask over your face that only allows in the amount of air you can suck in through a large drinking straw. Yeah…not fun!

Tomorrow is my dilation day. In other words, I get to go “under the knife” and have my throat stretched back out. Last time they weren’t able to get me to 100%, but I still felt fantastic! I’m hoping since my stenosis isn’t as bad this time as it was the first time that they’ll be open to open it up a little bit more. So, tomorrow will be a brand new day where I’ll be able to enjoy fresh, plentiful air!

However, I’m still extremely nervous. While I didn’t have any pain last time, I’m not sure that the outcome will be the same this time. I’m hoping so, but you never know. I’ll be at the hospital tomorrow at 6:30 and the surgery will begin at 8. Now, if I can just make myself sleep tonight things should be good!


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