Movin' and Groovin'


It’s Thursday…that means I’ve made it another 3 days with P90X and haven’t quit yet! Yesterday my inner thighs and upper abs were so sore that I didn’t like having to stand or sit. My body griped every time. However, those are the two areas I need to tone the most, so I shouldn’t complain!

Yesterday’s workout was the Shoulders and Abs, thank goodness. If I had to do a leg workout yesterday I think I would have cried! Today’s is supposed to be yoga, so I still may cry. The last time I did yoga I quit about 35-40 minutes into it. I seriously need to work on building enough upper body strength that I’m able to do the plank, push up, vinjasa (sp?), upward dog, plank, push up, downward dog routine without doing a face plant!

Wish me luck tonight!


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  1. I’m lucky I can do downward facing dog now let along anything else. The yoga I do is really easy compared to other types of yoga but that’s the whole point because it gives me a break. I’m glad you’re able to exercise again and that everything is going well so far! Was that a picture of Colin Farrell? Mmmm…loved him in In Bruges!

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