Ok, first let me apologize for not having a picture of my weigh in this morning as I forgot to grab my camera. I have to say I’m in a bit of shock right now. Last week I weighed in at 219.8, which was down from my first weigh in. This morning I weighed in at 225.1. That’s a gain of nearly 6lbs!!! WTH? There is NO way I ate that much. I wasn’t being 100% good with my family being in and going out to eat, but I didn’t eat that badly.

Let’s look at the math for a bit. It takes 3500 calories excess to gain a pound. That means my excess for last week had to be:

There’s no way I ate that much. So, the only logical conclusion I can come to is I ate more salt than usual and am retaining A LOT of water.

I even walked 9 miles this week (Friday – Thursday). That’s more than the last two months!! *Sigh*

Ok, I’ve had my freak out. Time to put this behind me and work toward getting that scale back down.

How’s it going for y’all?


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