Hippo Birdie Two Ewe


Sunday was my 35th birthday. My brother is 2 years (and 1 day) older than me and seems to have a hard time adjusting to getting older. Age has never really bothered me. Turning 21 was exciting because I got to go to Vegas, but I wasn’t really a drinker so I didn’t care about being of “legal age”. 30 was no biggie either. So, Sunday was just another day.

When I think about myself, I picture myself at 28…not sure why, but I do. I don’t think I’ve changed much since then. Physically, anyway (except for the silver hair poking out here and there). I have come to accept there are certain things I can do and certain things I can’t. I’m more confident in my abilities and enjoy trying new things.

My Dad used to tell me “If you’re going to lose weight, make sure you lose the bulk of it before 35. Once I hit 35, my skin stopped snapping back.” So, since I’ve drug ass and not lost the weight I needed to, I guess I’ll test this theory out!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this month, I joined a challenge put together by Robby.  I am at 35 miles! That’s only 2 miles shy of my highest mileage…ever…and 15 miles away from my 50 mile goal. I have no doubt I’ll make my goal, but unfortunately, I haven’t lost enough off my calves to get the boots I wanted as reward. Oh well…guess I’ll have to find something else!

Yes, I am embarrassed about my August and September numbers. Last November I only got 3 miles in, I think I’ll beat that this November! Good luck to all of you #OctGTD folks pushing to get it done this week!


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