It’s Friday!!


I have Chronic Fatigue that acts up on me at times. Right now it’s high, so my doctor told me to start taking B Complex vitamins to counteract it. Well, I’ve been taking them for about a month now and I have to say I don’t really feel any different. Maybe it just takes a bit to kick in…or maybe my expectations were too high!

I was able to get in 14.5 miles this week. That’s outstanding for me! I still have 4.5 miles to go to reach my 50 mile goal for #OctGTD. So, I have no doubt I’ll make it. I am really very happy about that.

On another note, I weighed in at 225.7 this morning. For those of you following, that means I didn’t gain anything and didn’t lose anything. It’s interesting when you hear people say diet doesn’t really matter, working out does. I’m calling bull on that one. It takes both, I think. My eating hasn’t been very good, but my working out has and I haven’t seen the scale change. So…diet + exercise is important. Yes, in the end it’s just calories in vs calories out, but I think there are other things in play too.

Hope y’all are enjoying cooler weather, wherever you are. It is in the mid 70’s here today!! That’s great considering it’s been in the high 80’s, even 90’s.

Take care!


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