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Weekend Workout


Yesterday I went to Tamarac Park in the Woodlands and put in 6 miles. It was the first day that I wasn’t too sore from my Crossfit experience so I was ready to go. On the way to the park I was thinking “I may do a 1/2 marathon today. I think I could do it.” Now, the furthest I’ve ever walked/run was 8 miles, so I’m not sure where all the confidence was coming from!

I finished my 6 miles in 1:40:44. I was supposed to be meeting a friend, so I called it quits at that point. If I would have tried to do the entire 13 miles it would have taken me 4 hours. 4 HOURS! So, the conclusions I’ve come to:

1) I’m sloooowwwww

2) I am not ready for a 1/2 marathon

3) I am capable of doing a 1/2 marathon though!

After my workout, my phone started having issues. The screen started blinking, it wouldn’t charge…then the screen went all white, then all black. It stayed that way for several hours. I could hear emails coming in, but I couldn’t see anything (iphone). Thankfully, this morning it was working fine. I guess my iphone wasn’t ready my 6 mile workout! I’d hate to see what would have happened had I done 13 miles! 😉

I have roughly 30 more miles to go in my November Going the Distance challenge…gotta step it up!


They’ve Been Good to Me


For the first time in my life I am having to retire a pair of running shoes because I’ve put 400+ miles (walking/running) on them. I can’t begin to tell you how that makes me feel. Granted, not all of these miles were over a year’s time, but still. I ran/walked 400+ miles…enough to warrant a new pair of running shoes.

These shoes have seen me through from the beginning of my C25K, to the Woodlands Fit class, and through all of my races so far. They’re dirty (more dust colored than white) and they have holes and missing parts. But, I love them all the same! Here’s to hoping my new shoes will provide just as much support!


I Took the Fit Out of Crossfit!


It all started when I agreed to try out a Crossfit class with some ladies from work. I watched one video and I have to admit it truly scared me. I walk on a normal basis and I have no doubt I could go out and walk a 5K tomorrow if need be, but I am a wimp when it comes to strength training. For better or worse, I’m a clutz and tend to try to use weight machines (if I do strength training) so I don’t drop the weights. So, the idea of putting free weights above my head wasn’t too enticing!

Michelle, Alaina, Jennifer and I showed up to DynamicFit full of curiosity. There were a few guys there and the trainer, Shane.

Everyone was so supportive and helpful. While I definitely felt out of my element, I didn’t feel judged. Shane put us through the warm-up and stretching. The first circuit consisted of a wall handstand. BWahahahaha…yeah, that so wasn’t happening for me. The girls and I were given some pvc stands and boxes to scale the workout to our abilities. My legs started shaking. We had to hold that for a minute, then move on to a squat for a minute, then a pull up hold for a minute, and an L lift (I think it was called) for…yep you got it, a minute. Then REPEAT! My legs were shaking so bad on the handstand and squats. Then I couldn’t hold a pull up to save my life so I just kept jumping and trying to hold the best I could. When it was over I thought I might get sick. Thankfully Michelle and I had a light lunch!

The next circuit was to hold a weight bar overhead (I just used the dow, or wooden bar, for today) and do 15 squats, then a sprint, and repeat 5 times total. I really enjoyed the squats. I felt strong in my movements, but as soon as I put the bar down to do my run my legs became jello and didn’t want to move. After about the 3rd sprint (which really turned out to be a fast walk) a muscle around my ankle started really bothering me. I guess I have weak ankle muscles…will need to work on that. I finished that set in 12 minutes 30 seconds. Not too bad, but not great either.

This was me after:

Shane kicked my ass. So, how did I like it? I didn’t like it at all during the class. Feelings of failure and embarrassment filled my head through the entire exercise. Everyone else was able to do so much more than me and here I was, someone who has been walking/running on a normal basis, and I couldn’t do the sprints. I decided I was NOT going to do this again. I don’t need to be humiliated like that.

Then….I got my wits back. No one was judging me there. No one was acting as though I didn’t belong. It was me that was judging myself. I should have been proud of myself. I completed a hard workout and I was still standing! What did I learn? I have strong, capable legs that are screaming to be sculpted. It is evident I’m not pushing myself as hard as I should be with my cardio. I am able to hang in there despite my tracheal stenosis. I didn’t just put my shoes away and stop trying to get healthier like some might. Last of all….I kept repeating the phrase on the gym wall and realized it’s true.

My husband asked me “Are you going to go back?” The honest answer is I don’t want to. However, I think I need to. I think it’s important to push myself out of my comfort zone if I truly want t make myself healthier. I am grateful for my body and the fact that I don’t have too many restrictions even at my size (225lbs). So, I should let it know that by treating it right!



Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Unfortunately, so has my workouts for the past few days. Life has been put on fast forward and I can’t find the remote!!

This Thursday is my first day to try Crossfit…which scares me to death honestly. We’ll see how it goes. I jokingly told one of my friends that she was going to have to roll me out of the gym afterward, but it may not be too far from the truth!

Michelle and I have agreed, again, to eating out only 1 day a week starting Monday. We had agreed to this once before as well, but we didn’t do very good at sticking to it. I think part of that was because we didn’t really have a good plan in place. So, Thursdays are our only days to eat out from now on. That means no more asking “What are you doing for lunch today?”. We don’t really eat horribly when we go out. Many times we go to Panera and have soup and/or salad, but just the act of going to Panera leads to us going out more than we need to and being tempted to eat less than healthy food. Like today…we went to Chili’s and I had the Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich with fries….calorie count you ask? 1430…yep, almost my entire calorie count for the day. *sigh* Gotta do better than that.

How about you? What do you do that helps you stay on track and away from bad foods? I don’t eat a lot of fast food…in fact, most of the time I go to a sit down restaurant.

Hope you guys and gals are doing well!

Life is Good…


I have been in a pretty good mood the past few days. Could it be because I don’t have as much sugar in my system anymore? Can sugar make you cranky?!

I took Wednesday off from working out to try and let my blister heal up some more. However, I did walk yesterday (Thursday) but only got in 2 miles. I was running short on time but wanted to get some mileage in. This weekend I need to get in at least 6 miles.

Do you know what today is? It’s Weigh In day…that’s right…time to hit the scale and see what number it spits back at me. I was dreading it because I’ve been gaining weight over the past few weeks. I hadn’t changed my eating or workouts (except maybe upping my mileage) so I wasn’t sure why I was gaining weight. This drove me to taking a pregnancy test just to be sure!! Thankfully, it was negative. So, what was the result this morning?

225.5 That’s 3.8lbs less than last week! So happy to see the weight going down!

Have a good one!

Sugarlog Day 5 and NovGTD


My sugar cravings are getting much better. I didn’t give in the other day to the sugarbeast! So, on that front I’m feeling pretty confident.

Today for lunch, I ate boneless wings. Not great…987 calories and a ton of salt. However, I was only over my daily calorie count by 100 which isn’t too bad considering.

Today was also my first week to post my mileage for November: Going the Distance. I got 15 miles in on the treadmill! Woohoo! I’m on my way to my 60 miles goal. On another note, my friend Michelle invited me to join her and a couple of ladies from work to do Crossfit. We go on Monday to test it out. I’m a little concerned that I won’t necessarily make my 60 miles if I spend 3 days a week doing Crossfit, but I’ll be ok with that if I still give it my all.

Hope y’all had a good workout day!