Sugar Busters!!


Today is my first day of trying to break myself from eating sugar. I understand some foods have sugar in them but I don’t need to eat candy and cake! My routine for the past month or so has been to grab a couple of the chocolate candies (hershey’s, butterfingers, etc) from our receptionist’s hiding spot in the afternoon. “Two mini bars aren’t going to hurt” or so I thought. I’m pretty sure I went back two or three times in the past week or two. I can tell I’ve had too much sugar in my system because I crave it daily. The last time I stopped eating all candy and sugary substances for a week those craving went away. So, that’s what I’m trying again.

Needless to say, today has been tough. I know where the stash is and it’s right by my office. However, I have managed to control it up until now. Just another hour and I’ll be heading home where there is no candy!

Hi, my name is Tammy and I’m a chocoholic/sugar addict.


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  1. I’m doing South Beach, and you’re right. The constant sugar cravings go away after a while. It’s getting past the first few days that is hard. It’s worth it when you realize that you’re no longer a slave to the addiction. Good luck!

  2. lol….cravings for sweeties….will they ever leave us be!? An apple just doesn’t look as good somehow, does it….at least not yet!

    I try and take a massive amount of fruit with me, and at least it’s something good to bite into when cravings hit, but i feel your temptation. Here’s wishing you loads of will-power to tough it out for the first week.

  3. I don’t have so much a problem with sweets as I do general meat and potatoes LOL.

    So yeah…I’m Vinny and I’m a foodaholic. :p Good luck on this Tammy.

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