Sugarlog, Day 2


Well, I’ve made it two days so far without giving in to the sweets temptation. I’m surprised at how quickly the sugar seems to be leaving my body. I went to get some nutella last night (mmmm….nutella) but then realized I shouldn’t if I want to break the sugar cravings. I was able to put the jar down without feeling disappointed. THAT WAS AWESOME!! Of course, this is more like the third day I guess since I don’t recall have any sugar on Sunday either.

I’m still craving it, just not as intensely. Every time I walk by the filing cabinet (where our Receptionist hides the goods) I look at it, then walk away. I think by the end of the week, I may not even be eyeballing the cabinet anymore!

Today was also day 2 of staying within my calorie range. I’ve started recording my calories using MyNetDiary on my iphone and then also adding the total calories into my Strands profile. I like the fact that I can have my exercise and calories all in one spot, but I have yet to figure out all I can do with Strands. I also use Daily Mile because it’s extremely user friendly, but it doesn’t allow me to add in health items (nutrition, sleep, etc.). So, until I decide if I want to switch completely to Strands (which I keep calling Stash in my head for some reason!) I’ll be using both of them.

On another note, I completed 3 of my 60 miles for NovGTD. I love fresh beginnings! Oh, and today was Patrick’s 199th day for his blog. A commenter suggested everyone eat fruit (Fruit Party!) to celebrate, so we tried to get Patrick 199 pieces of fruit. My contribution:

I love plums! I could probably eat 3 or 4 in one sitting if they were juicy enough.

Have a good one!!


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  1. Nutella! One of my favorite things to eat used to be Nutella on toast. I have not had Nutella in two years. There is something just wrong about that. *sigh* Anyway, I was just reading somewhere about how eating sweets, even artificial sweeteners, triggers the pleasure sensors in the brain therefore raising your weight set point, etc. Very geeky stuff but it made sense (the parts of it I was able to understand). I am able to eat honey, fruit and maple syrup now in limited quantities but it did take me about 3 months to wean myself off sugar and get rid of those cravings.

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