Weekend Workout


Yesterday I went to Tamarac Park in the Woodlands and put in 6 miles. It was the first day that I wasn’t too sore from my Crossfit experience so I was ready to go. On the way to the park I was thinking “I may do a 1/2 marathon today. I think I could do it.” Now, the furthest I’ve ever walked/run was 8 miles, so I’m not sure where all the confidence was coming from!

I finished my 6 miles in 1:40:44. I was supposed to be meeting a friend, so I called it quits at that point. If I would have tried to do the entire 13 miles it would have taken me 4 hours. 4 HOURS! So, the conclusions I’ve come to:

1) I’m sloooowwwww

2) I am not ready for a 1/2 marathon

3) I am capable of doing a 1/2 marathon though!

After my workout, my phone started having issues. The screen started blinking, it wouldn’t charge…then the screen went all white, then all black. It stayed that way for several hours. I could hear emails coming in, but I couldn’t see anything (iphone). Thankfully, this morning it was working fine. I guess my iphone wasn’t ready my 6 mile workout! I’d hate to see what would have happened had I done 13 miles! 😉

I have roughly 30 more miles to go in my November Going the Distance challenge…gotta step it up!


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