NovGTD Wrap Up


****Warning….long post!**

Well, I didn’t complete my 60 miles I had planned. In fact, I only completed 53% of that with 32 miles. I’m a little disappointed in my mileage, but I’m not upset with myself. For the month of November I stepped out of my comfort zone and did things I didn’t think I would do. It started with a tryout Crossfit class. That class literally put me out of commission for about 5 days. I was sore beyond anything I had felt before, but I was glad for it. That meant I had really pushed myself and my body was responding! Of course, that also meant that I didn’t get any treadmill work in. So, I wasn’t able to log the Crossfit toward NovGTD, but that was alright. Phil said it beautifully in his wrap-up.

Then the holidays came and I got in my own way. I was so busy with holiday stuff and visiting my families (mine and his). This Thanksgiving I didn’t have any Turkey!! Can you believe that?! I had some sort of cheesy stuffing at my in-laws (her version of a meal because the turkey had just been put in the oven) and ham at my family’s party. I didn’t over indulge and fall asleep on the couch! Plus, I got to spend some quality time with my family. In a #mefirst move, I decided to only visit my Dad’s side of the family this year for Thanksgiving. Normally, I go to my Mom’s side at 11, my Dad’s at 3 and my in-laws at 7. It always makes for a very uncomfortable day. You can’t tell anyone that you’ve already ate! “Get you some food!!” I know they mean well, but it would be nice not to feel pressured to eat something. This year, I needed a little bit of a break, so I went to my Dad’s side since my Grandmother was out of the hospital. I have already lost one Grandmother this year, so I wanted to see my Memaw, more to let her know I love her in case anything does happen.

I did feel bad for not going to my Aunt Linda’s house. I thoroughly enjoy seeing all of my family, so I missed seeing that clan! However, I met up with my Uncle Eric for lunch last Sunday and I’m going to see my Aunt Linda and Uncle Richard sometime this weekend for their Church’s Christmas Choir Festival. I also tried out a new church on Sunday. That’s a long story, for another time, but it’s all part of trying to make myself healthy. It’s not just about the physical and mental aspects!

Yesterday, I signed up for a month’s worth of torture, I mean Crossfit. My friend Michelle and I got our butt’s handed to us again! Although, this go ’round, I wasn’t nearly as embarrassed by my performance. I was able to hang in there with Michelle for the most part. I am sore today and I imagine will be quite sore tomorrow. Tomorrow is another Crossfit day, so I better work some of this out! Nov. 30th’s WOD was as many reps as possible in 20 minutes of 5 Clean to Overheads, 20 sit ups, and 15 step ups. If I remember correctly, I got in a total of 6 rounds.

So, while I didn’t get my 60 miles, I am happy with what I have achieved. I am slowly and steadily moving toward being a healthier me. I joined an extreme fitness class (either brilliant or crazy, haven’t figured that one out yet), I started moving toward a well rounded approach to my health (Mind, Body & Soul), and I lost 1.3 lbs. Yeah, I know…it’s not much but it’s still a loss! I didn’t gain any weight over the Thanksgiving holidays!

What’s next? Why…DecGTD of course!! The spreadsheet has mileage again, but this time I decided to focus on hours of exercise. I entered in 20 hours, which equates to 4 1-hour workouts a week. If I can make myself more consistently workout, then I’ll be happy. Plus, I think I should be able to count Crossfit for something. Afterall, I do get whooped every time I’m there!

Happy last month of the year! Let’s make this a good one!


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  1. Sounds like this cross-fit is pretty darn tough. I think the only way for the aches and pains to lessen is to suck it up and do extra stretching throughout the day if you get the chance to. I recently started doing pull-ups and my back and chest feel like they have been pummeled with a baseball bat the next day. The idea of boot-camp type training sounds like a firm commitment on your part though, so well done.

    • The aches and pains definitely take some getting used to! But, I’ve noticed when I start pushing hard again the soreness seems to become background noise….until I’m done, then it gets a bit worse!

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