Friday Weight Fiasco and Reflections


First, Happy Friday All!!!

Second, ugh and ouch.

Yesterday, just because I hadn’t weighed myself in a while (I normally weigh 3 or 4 times a week) I decided to step on the scale. It said I was at 212.2 pounds. WHAT? So, I stepped off and back on. I did this about 3 times and the scale read the same thing. Now, last Friday I weighed in at 224.4. So, I was completely surprised by a 12lb loss. However, I decided not to think too much of it and weigh in again this morning when I’m supposed to be weighing in. I was quite excited to tell you the truth. I just knew I was going to be down, the question was down by how much! All of my calories have been spot on or below my goal of 1800 and I’ve burned 2400-2500 a day.

I drug my butt across my room (this is where the ouch comes into play…talk about sore!) and stepped on the scale…..and….226. No, that can’t be right, so I step on it 5 more times. My husband comes into the bathroom to which I promptly say “Step on the scale.” His weight shows 159.8…which is pretty much what he normally weighs. At this point I’m devastated. I thought for sure I was going to get a loss and I was supposedly down so much yesterday. What happened? I didn’t eat a lot of salt yesterday and I got my butt handed to me in Crossfit again where I was sweating. I also drank more water than I normally do (101.4 oz). Mike gave me a hug and said “Try not to get discouraged. You’re doing everything right. It’ll be ok.” It’s very hard not to get discouraged, but he’s right. I just have to believe that my body is undergoing some changes right now and the scale will go down eventually.

Source: Webshots

Yesterday’s Crossfit was tough, especially since my quads were still screaming from the workout on Tuesday. The WOD (or WorkOut of the Day) started with some stretching and a light run. Then we started our rounds for time. You had to do 15 back squats (where you have the barbell on your back) and then 10 ring rows (for those of us not strong enough to do pull ups yet!) and repeat that 10 times. I knocked out the first three rounds quite quick…then I hit a speed bump. I finished in 17:03, which is not great but it’s ok! Shane (our Trainer) was very supportive and helpful and once I heard him say “1 more and you’re done” I was so excited. I finished my last one and chugged some water. I was sweating pretty good. Then, Shane says “Ok, grab a bar”. uuuhhhh…what? I thought we were done!

We had to do 5 rounds of 10 leg lifts (not really sure what these are called. You lay on your back and pull your legs up to the bar, then back down, then back up…you get the point) and 10 sit ups. The first round of sit ups I was able to go all the way up to the wall. The second round I just couldn’t make my abs work. I still got crunches in, but it’s not the same. All in all, we did 150 back squats, 100 ring rows, 50 leg lifts and 50 sit ups. And…I’m feeling every one of those today!

On their board last night they had something along the lines of “90% of all Americans won’t take the pain to get fit. Are you in that 10%? If you’re here, you are.” While Crossfit really kicks my butt and makes me feel wholly inadequate at times, it also makes me feel stronger and have more confidence in myself. I’m doing things I didn’t think I’d ever do before. 150 squats?! Even though they were slow…they were mine!


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