Why Did I Sign Up Again?


Tonight was the hardest workout by far in Crossfit. We started with deadlifts, which I did with 95lbs. All the ladies did…we kick ass! lol…well, I did until the WOD. We had to run 200 meters, do 5 overhead squats, and 15 push ups…then repeat 8 times. There was a 27 minute time limit. I tried my best to finish in 27 minutes, but by the time I finished my 8th run it was 27:30. I went ahead and finished my overhead squats and push ups even though I didn’t make the time (finished 28:53). I’m hoping I didn’t hold up the next class but I have a feeling I did. As soon as I finished my workout I wanted to cry. I was tired and extremely frustrated. I wanted to finish before time ran out. I didn’t want a DNF.

I walked over to where Michelle and Alaina were talking with a guy from class. They asked how I was doing and I started tearing up. I didn’t actually have any tears fall…I was able to suck it up, but I wanted to. Then Michelle told me “it’s okay to cry. Sometimes you need to. After you work out that hard your emotions and hormones are high. Remember what the board said?” To which I wasn’t sure which saying she was referring to. “You’re part of the 10% that’s trying to get fit. Most people are at home right now watching tv.” Thank God for Michelle. She definitely helped me put it all back into perspective. I was still pissed and frustrated I didn’t make my time, but I was doing something good for my body…so even if it took me a little longer, what does that matter in the whole scheme of things?

So, right now I’m relaxing on the couch while watching Fantasia to relax and unwind while putting heat on my legs. Tomorrow is going to be another rough/sore day!

source: Fanpop


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